We spend so much time in our homes. We go there for our comfort, to relax, and enjoy our surroundings. What a great feeling you experience when you walk in and everything is orderly and clean. Instantly, you feel relaxed. "A Beautiful Job" Cleaning Services will go above and beyond to make your house beautifully organized and sparkling clean. Let us help you experience your own interior rejuvenation!

Residential and Office cleaning
Our cleaning regiment will start with using a cleaning tool that will remove all webs, starting from the top of every corner in every room, finishing to the the bottom of every base board. Working our way down the walls, cleaning: every picture, lamp, table, and everything in between, we will finish our clean, by vacuuming and mopping all floors. From corner to corner, top to bottom, and everything in between.

This is my promise of the quality and in-depth clean, that I will provide on a regular basis, to all of my valued customers. Let me help you make your daily life easier, and experience your own personal interior rejuvenation.

Pet Care

Need a week-end away?

Going on vacation?

As we get to know our customers from seeing them on a regular basis, we also get to know their pets, as well.

One of my favorites is a Basset Hound named Oscar. How do you not love that face and those ears! Oscar, however, was very shy and reluctant to have any type of contact with me. Over time, though, after seeing me on a regular basis, he began to feel more comfortable and at ease in my presence. Today, he greets me at the door, with his tail wagging, for the treat that he well knows I will be giving to him, each and every time I see him.

Who better to care for your pets than someone you trust in your home already, and that your pets know and trust, as well.

(This service, however, is for customers only.)

Household Organizing

How do I get the optimal organized space in my closet?

Why does my miscellaneous drawer look like a junk drawer?

Why does it take me so long to find what I need in my kitchen drawers and cabinets?

Can I live in a small apartment and still be organize without looking overly crowded and cramped with such limited space?

Just a few questions many of us have asked ourselves. Everyone has a project that has been put off, either because they don't know quite how to approach it, or, because of their busy schedules.

I will personalize each project to help guide and teach you to an easier organized way of living. I will provide any storage totes or trays to may need for a finished organized look. Being organized has been proven to give relief from stress, and just makes life easier. Let me help you find solutions to your organizing challenges.

Custom Scheduling

Everyone's schedule is unique and personal. With our flexible daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly scheduling. I will provide you with your own customized schedule to meet your personal needs.

Call me, at (574) 222-0778, to schedule your own personalized, complimentary, in-house consultation today.

Thank-you for considering "A Beautiful Job" Cleaning Services. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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